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Communicate Better Today


Better communicators. Higher performing teams. More fun.

What can I help you with?

Rock Your Next Talk

Confident communication skills for all

Public Speaking Coaching

(1-on-1 or group)

How Not to Be an A-Hole

Excellent customer service with both clients AND co-workers

Teamwork Makes the Dreamwork

Helping people work together better by forcing them to like each other more

How Not to Be an A-Hole

Excellent customer service with both clients AND co-workers

Time Management Skills

What we can all learn from a former news anchor who woke up at 1:57 a.m. for almost two decades


Keynote Speaker

  • High energy, and with a heavy dose of humor, Page ensures audience members come away with practical tips and enlightening perspective. Drawing on real life corporate and home-life experiences, Page's disarmingly engaging approach both entertains and enlightens.​


  • No matter the topic covered in these 1/2 or full-day workshops, attendees will experience Page's trademark approach that breeds teamwork, learning, and fun! People in Page's classes enjoy themselves so much they don't even realize how many tools they've come away with for both work and life.

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  • Looking to liven up your fundraiser, corporate event, or conference? Page brings just the right mix of humor and heart to any event. Take a load off and enjoy your evening. Page has things covered!

Social Media Collaborations

Need to promote an event or product on Instagram? Open to discussions on sponsored social posts! My audience reaches over 7,000 in Charlotte alone!

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